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Kazan shooting.

What's happened and how does the Russian community reacts to this?

Photo by Egor Aleev/TASS

One sick bastard shot children today in Kazan.

A 19-year old guy entered a school from where he graduated 4 years ago in Kazan (the capital of Tatarstan) and murdered a teacher, a woman, and 7 children. 18 children with 3 adults are in hospital now with different kinds of injuries.

It's an awful tragic event and the Russian community is in grief and shock now. Some people blame local authorities who issued a gun to a mentally sick person. Others question the security: how a person could enter a school with a gun? And the thirds blame the whole schooling system that doesn't monitor children's mental health.

Despite the very complicated procedure of getting and keeping a gun in Russia, we still get these cases. During the last 5 years, we knew about not less than 14 cases of a school shooting. The most horrific one has happened in 2018 in Kerch (Crimea) when an 18-year old killed 20 people and wounded 70 others before committing suicide.

At that time Putin started to talk about total control over weapons. But as we see 3 years have passed and today another sick child murdered children with the same Hatsan escort gun that was used in Crimea.

Personally, I think shooting is a world's problem nowadays. I don't believe that just restricting gun usage is gonna solve the issue (as we can see it doesn't work). We need to stop popularizing war, and instead of spending billions on wars, weapons, and military parades, spend this money on improving the whole schooling system. Invest in specialists who work with children and with parents, improve and reform the mental health system in Russia.

But our government obviously doesn't think the same way. They believe that the problem is in guns and social media, that's why Putin planning to review gun control laws in the country and take social media under control (the keyword here is "planning").

As Alyona Popova - Russian social activist, women's rights advocate, wrote in her Instagram:

"Such tragedies happen in different countries. But the cult of violence, tolerance to violence, which is the backbone of the current system directly affect the growth of aggression and the desire to demonstrate violence <...>As long as there is no normal system of violence prevention in Russia, while there is cult of violence, officials must be responsible for these tragedies."

I absolutely share her sentiment, considering the history of violence in our country and the justification of it nowadays (just look at our police brutality during peaceful protests or the absence of the law against domestic violence). But it doesn't answer the question of why these terroristic attacks happen all over the world.

Why do you think it happens? What solutions do you see?

*write down in comments

Мои глубокие соболезнования тем, кто понес невосполнимую утрату сегодня.

P.S. I originally made this post on Instagram and got a lot of answers and solutions from people. But Instagram decided to remove my post.


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we have big problems of vilolence too, for different reasons. One is an educational problem, strong !. we had also problems of policies, feeling of social injustice, lack of fostering national consiousness and stress on sub national communities, some not feeling integrated. Also police formation was curtailed from 1 year to 3 months under Sarkozy, just to save money. ☹️. I think unleashed individualism and loss of sense of responsibility is a poison. but politicians lack courage, and we have a long way back to restore situation, many countries. (and yet it is not Mexico situation here ..)

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Juan De Jesus
Juan De Jesus
12 mag 2021

Honestamente creo que culpar al estado solamente por el tema de la violencia es complicado, si bien el estado es el responsable por las leyes y todo lo que rige la sociedad, también hay que llamar poderosamente la atención de la sociedad de consumo de contenido violento de hoy día, las personas desde niños sea por que los padres no educan a sus hijos sea por falta de tiempo, por pereza, por problemas económicos, etc no están al tanto del contenido que consumen sus hijos (películas, memes, video juegos, pornografía, etc) hay un largo recorrido en esa discusión.

Y como tu lo expresas en tu articulo, eso pasa en todo el mundo, existe una pandemia de violencia, desprecio por el…

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