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What do people in Nevel, Pskov oblast eat?

Updated: May 7, 2021

The population of the town is mostly Russian people. And we have the same cuisine almost everywhere, but the location of Nevel close to Belarus and leaves its impact on the local cuisine.

I took this shot in a soviet café. And this photo amazingly represents the cuisine of this area:

From left to right:

🔹My dad is eating draniki - traditional Belarussian potato pancakes.

🔹The pink salad is Dressed herring - if you can eat it, you can be called Russian.

🔹Braised sauerkraut - boiled or roasted cabbage with potato and tomato paste.

🔹Potato Purée - Asiya's favorite mashed potato.

🔹Bliny(thin pancakes) with cottage cheese served with sour cream.

and of course, Mors as a drink served with all of this. Mors in Pskov oblast is usually made from lingonberry, cranberry, or currant. We boil berries with sugar, then cool it and get this drink.

Here is what else this soviet cafe is serving:

Would you dare to try? :D


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don't you dare call Pyshka as a donut in front of Saint-Petersburger. We consider it as an insult :D dared once not sure I'll repeat at range of Natasha hands 😂😂 but pyshki looks nice


I would dare to try the food in the video! :) But, please explain, what is the difference between mors and kompot? (2nd try, my first comment disappeared)

Natasha Konstantinova
Natasha Konstantinova

Mors is made only from berries. Compost from any fruit, usually from many fruits.😺

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