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About Me

I'm an average Russian, who was born in 1988, Leningrad, USSR. Now this country doesn't exist as well as the city.


Leningrad was renamed to Saint-Petersburg and my daughter Asiya was born already in SPb. She was born in 2014, the time when Crimea joined Russia, sanctions were imposed and our currency collapsed.


In 2018 when I moved back to Russia, after living a few years in the Middle East. Living abroad made me realize that people have no idea about how we live here, why we behave in a certain way, and how we think.


And this is how the @natashasrussia blog on Instagram was born.


There I share my daily life, share my thoughts, show Russia from the inside, explain the Russian community. Sometimes in a funny way, sometimes in a sad way, but always as honest as I can.


Some hate me for my views, some adore me. But for sure, I don't leave anyone indifferent.

On 24th of March 2021 Instagram without any reason and explanation deleted my account @natashasrussia that I was growing since 2018. I lost 28K people in one day.


I got my blog back but decided that it's time to move on and stop relying on social media. That's why I created this blog where all my thoughts, knowledge, experience, and people's stories are going to be stored. 

Subscribe for updates, follow me on social media, and don't miss the opportunity to learn more about Russia and Russians with me.

 Yours, Natasha


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