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Symbols of Saint-Petersburg

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Today Saint-Petersburg is celebrating 318 years since it was founded. And I decided to introduce you to our symbols today.

I classified symbols into 4 main categories: Official, Historical, Unofficial, and culinary. And here they are:

There are official symbols of the city.

  • Coats of Arms of Saint-Petersburg and its flag

Historical symbols of the city.

Weather vane ship on the top of the Building of the Main Admiralty

Bronze Horseman

Peter and Paul Cathedral's Angel

And unofficial symbols.

Silhouette of the palace bridge and Peter and Paul fortress behind it.

The Alexander Column is also known as the Alexandrian Column with an angel.

The Rostral Columns

And of course a famous Aurora:

It would be unfair if I didn't mention the culinary symbols of Saint-Petersburg. The 3 main culinary symbols of Saint-Petersburg are:

  • Koryushka (smelt) - корюшка read more

  • ShaVerma (Shawarma) - Шаверма read more

Of course, there are many other symbols of the city, but these are the main ones that everyone thinks about when they think of Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Do you know the symbols of your town or the city?


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